MAC address - Company: Help

Determination of equipment manufacturer by MAC address
(the parameter can be a MAC address
[e.g. 00-0C-F1-DD-14-21])

ISO Domains: Help

First level domain designations (by country)

All Domain names: Help

All First Level Domains

Protocols: Help

Contains information about protocols available on the Internet.

Services: Help

Contains information about services available on the Internet

MAC - Company Id

The MAC address (Media Access Control) is the unique hardware number of your computer. (On the local Ethernet network, this is the same as your Ethernet address.) When you connect to the Internet from your computer, the matching table associates your IP address with the physical (MAC) on the local network.
For each physical device connected to the network, there is a unique MAC address.

The MAC-Company Id tool defines the equipment manufacturer based on the specified MAC address, as well as the device type.

ISO Domains

The tool displays a table of first-level domains with reference to countries.

All Domains

The tool displays a table of all first-level domains.
This is the official list of all top-level domains and is maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Center (IANA) in the root zone database.


In information technology, a protocol is a special set of rules that use nodes in a telecommunications connection when they communicate. Protocols define the interaction between transmitting entities.
Protocols exist on several levels in a telecommunications connection. For example, there are protocols for exchanging data at the hardware device level and communication protocols at the application program level. In a standard model known as Open Systems Interconnection (OSI), at each level of telecommunications exchange there is one or more protocols that must be recognized and participate in network communication. Protocols are often described in a sectoral or international standard.

The tool displays a list of computer network protocols.


The tool displays data on the services of computer networks.